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Diane Rogers

Diane Rogers

Even as a kid, Diane (Wilson) Rogers loved to read. Her favorite books were the Nancy Drew Mysteries, which made her want to pen a book of her own someday. Her first effort, a Nancy Drew-like story attempted in the fifth grade, didn’t go quite as planned. Two chapters into it, Diane was lost and gave up. Following another failed attempt at novel writing in her thirties, Diane succeeded several years later when she decided to write about something she loved—history.

Diane, who writes as D.L. Rogers because her step father (an avid reader) told her once he refused to read anything written by a woman, loves to weave her fictional stories into the fabric of the events that built our country. Having grown up in New Jersey, but with lots of family in Tennessee and the Carolinas, Diane has always had an intense interest in all things Civil War, and that interest is reflected in most of her books.

At the beginning of the Ebook explosion, Diane had five books published as Ebooks by Awestruck Publishing. Unable to get hard copies through Awestruck, she turned to a local publisher, who put those books into print. Taking to the road, Diane “hawked” her books at every arts and crafts festival she could find, spoke to whoever would listen (and still does), and is now working on her fourteenth novel.

Recently widowed, Diane lives on fourteen acres south of Harrisonville in Cass County, Missouri, the focal point of so many of her stories.  She has two wonderful children who have given her five (also) wonderful grandchildren that Diane loves to enjoy in her “down time.” Diane also enjoys country dancing and reading as many books as she can get her hands on.

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