Katherine Laurels

Katherine Laurels

Writer of Romance -  Paranormal, Suspense, Small Town Contemporary

I love a book that has all the emotions. If I haven't laughed, cried, been angry and maybe a little turned on or, at least, scared by the end, it was not a complete experience. When reading romance in any variation I have to have the happy ending...uh, I mean the happily ever after. If it's a cliffhanger....well, there will be cursing. 

I began writing at 14 but stopped when boys and school and work then marriage and family became priorities. Now that my kids are grown and my high school sweetheart continues to treat me like a princess, I'm back in the saddle. I've spent the last few years finding my feet and deciding whether I even have the knack for writing. With some awesome support, both at home and from my fellow writers, I am having a blast throwing all kinds of ideas on the page. Some work, some don't, and some are just fun to laugh at. 

My goal as an author is to not only entertain my reader but hopefully engage them. I love to make people laugh and feel all the emotions my characters make me feel as I tell their story.

You can check me out on facebook or for a more personal conversation e-mail me at katherinelaurels@gmail.com