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Susan "Susie" Latas

Susan "Susie" Latas

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, Susan discovered her passion for reading at a very young age. A frequent visitor to the school’s library, she began her love for exploring new realms created by various authors. Her favorite genres are horror and romance. Anything written by the great Stephen King or the incomparable Johanna Lindsay.

Susan graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s in Social Welfare. She decided to hang up the role of Social Worker to raise her two children. Her husband’s job took them to colorful Colorado. It was there she became a competitive USAG Gymnastics coach which eventually led to being a USAG Judge in the Junior Olympic Program. In all that time, Susan continued to read book after book.

Susan has always wanted to write her own novels but lacked the nerve to get her creative stories on paper. Now retired, age and life experience have finally worn down her reservations enough to challenge herself, “Why not go for it? You gotta start somewhere.”

As the pandemic hit, she wrote her first three books and had them published as an Indie author during the summer of 2020. A paranormal romance trilogy featuring a cast of sexy characters. Later, two series related novellas followed. She writes under the pen name of Annette Alex.

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