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A New Season of Learning

By MRW Newsletter Coordinator and Member Sunny Cole

There’s something so special about autumn, the season of harvest. Cool (and even cold) months are my best times to write. I think this is because this is the time that projects I submitted during spring and summer come to fruition. They either sell or I finish them if they’re huge. I also know that if I want an abundant harvest next year, now’s the time to write those stories. To everything there is a season…and this one is for taking a deep breath, dusting off the lazy days of summer, and brushing up on all the tools I need to begin again.

One thing that always gets me energized is a great writers’ conference. The new reality for most of us is that in-person conferences probably won’t surface for another year or two. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn and participate in some terrific online seminars. Jessica Brody, author of Save the Cat! Writes A Novel offers classes on everything from crafting characters to plotting and more. She offers these at $12/month or $125/year.

Master Class offers nearly 100 courses taught by professionals in their field. Although I’m primarily interested in those by writers, I’ve also taken superbly structured, interesting classes taught by drag queen RuPaul Charles, chefs Gordon Ramsey and Thomas Keller, gardening by Ron Finley. I studied game theory from the man who invented the Sim City video games, because one of my main characters developed games. Master Class authors include Dan Brown, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Neil Gaiman, and many more. These classes are $15/month or $189/year. **Please note that the $15/mo is billed ANNUALLY, not monthly**

Get comfy in your favorite writing clothes, grab your beverage and a snack or two if you like, and hunker down this fall with someone who can help breathe life into a manuscript that has stalled. Or find out in Master Class what makes a great story according to director Ron Howard. Know that authors like Margaret Atwood and RL Stine who have sold millions of copies of their books, also faced hardships…and overcame them. To relax afterward, discover how to make a Mexican salsa or a cocktail you’d like to try.

If those are a bit too pricey, join MRW and attend our online meetings during the Covid crazies. Cost is only $35/year, and we have some terrific programs.

Benefits with no limits await you! Bottom line – no matter where you are in your craft or in life, there’s ALWAYS more to learn!

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