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Michelle Grey - MRW Co-President

I opened my current WIP (work in progress) the other day. It’s been a long minute since that’s happened. I could blame it on the pandemic, or family demands, or any number of other outside influences. And it’s funny because the further I’ve retreated from the creative process of writing, the more I’ve allowed doubt and insecurity to plague me. It’s a vicious circle that had made it more and more difficult to step back into the writing zone.

Fortunately, I have an incredible group of genius writer friends who are all at different stages of their own writing adventures. And these people get me. They know what I’ve been feeling because at one time or another, they’ve experienced it too.

I am so grateful to have their influence in my life because I wonder sometimes if, without them, I would slide so far away from my belief in my ability to craft a good story that the creative fire within me might die out altogether.

So, here’s a piece of unsolicited advice for anyone considering writing as a career/life path: Find your tribe.

Find them. Let them invest in your life. Invest in theirs. There is no substitute for the collaboration of like-minded people. Not to say we agree on everything, but we strive to love and respect each other’s creative talents and genius.

If you have those people in your life, hang on to them with all you’ve got. If you don’t, make it your priority to find them.

I’m happy to say I’m back in my writing saddle. Ideas are flowing. Words and scenes are coming. And while the decision to write is mine alone to make, it sure helps to know my tribe has my back.

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